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Rules, guides and information regarding how things at Swagirl work. Please read this forum before posting.

SwaGirl Rules

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SwaGirl Rules and Posting Guidelines

1. General Rules

No Flaming/Bashing
Don't personally attack other members or the staff. We also ask that you please refrain from the bashing of any celebrity, model, and etc. featured on the forum. Bashing includes making offensive comments, or saying something offensive related to a person (i.e. calling someone a slut, a whore, a bitch, etc.). Giving "constructive criticism" of a model such as, specifying that you do not find them attractive because of the length of their nose, or the size of their hips is deemed acceptable but we ask that you please try and refrain from that as well as it still upsets some members.

No Trolling
Don't pretend to be someone you are not. That includes lying about your identity and pretending to be someone famous (e.g., a celebrity, model, athlete, etc.) If you are truly someone famous and want to post as one, please contact the staff with proof first. Also please try and refrain from saying you look like a certain celebrity and etc. because this often causes huge arguments that are unnecessary. Any member who knows or suspect of another member trolling must contact the staff for an investigation. Your report will be kept confidential.

No Multiple Accounts
If you want your name changed please submit a request in this thread. Remember, you can only change your username ONCE, and you may NOT request a name change if you have been here for three months or less. If you have lost your password, please contact an Admin and the problem will be resolved. Having more than one account is a bannable offense. If you have more than one account, or know/suspect of any other member having more than one account, please contact a BZ staff member immediately. In the case it is you who has multiple accounts, please contact the staff with an explanation. If the explanation is logical, you might not be warned/banned.

Our Policy on Name Changes
Again, read this thread before requesting a name change

No Pornography
SwaGirl is not a porn site. Don't post pornography. If you have a question contact the staff.

No Offensive or Illegal content
This includes illegal software ("warez"), copyrighted materials, Child Porn, images depicting cruelty to animals or people, images or text showing racism or other content widely considered offensive. If you have a question contact the staff.

No Advertising
Please do not post information promoting yourself, for-profit sites, or your board, blog, website, band/group and etc. All advertising posts and threads, including those promoting external sites & etc., will be deleted. You may post certain information under the "Your Website" field in your profile page.

2. Image Posting Guidelines

Embedded images over 700 pixels in width must be thumbnailed or textlinked. Although oversized images do resize automatically, but before it does that it must load/process fully and then condense. With that said, please keep images under 700 pixels in width.

As for thumbnails or small images posted side by side, please do not exceed 400 pixels in width.

Do not, under any circumstance, hotlink from another person's website. If you have any questions, or have a domain of your own that you would like to host things off of, please let us know so we do not edit out your images mistaking it as hotlinking.

One thread per model, celebrity, subject/topic and etc. Before starting a thread make sure a similar thread does not already exist. You can do this by using the search function.

Private/Candid Materials and Images Of Celebrities & Models
If it is accessible to the general public, meaning ANYONE can find or view the material (this includes, but not limited to, text and images), then it is ok to post them. However, if the material is private and cannot be viewable by the general public please refrain from posting them. For example, Facebook. If you find personal pictures on a Celebrity's or Model's Facebook page, and it is only viewable by those who are on this person's friends list, then it is not a good idea to post them elsewhere. However, you are welcome to ask the owner of the material for permission to post them elsewhere. If they do not approve please respect their wishes. You are not allowed to post leaked pics or any kind of stolen material. All post concerning this kind of material will be delete.

Pictures hosting
You can host your pics on the hosting pictures services you prefere but all hosting with pop-under or any kind of disturbing stuff will be deleted.

URL forwarding service
All URL forwarding service are prohibited on this board.

3. Profile/Signature Guidelines

Signature Size:
Signature images should be no more than 600 pixels x 140 pixels in size. If you choose to include text underneath an image please limit it to three lines, including spacing, on default text size. However, if you wish to just have text (and no image) you may have up to 6 lines including spacing on default text size. The default text size is 2.

The staff reserve the right remove or edit a signature or avatar at any time, for any reason. If you disagree with the decision, contact an Admin

If you have a question about anything, contact the staff. Remember, an Admin's word is final.
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